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Bespoke by Baskerville creates beautiful jewellery personal and unique to you. Each item of jewellery will remain timeless and bespoke and tells a story of you. I create pieces from a single new stone or using an existing piece you own and rework it in to a beautiful hand crafted statement piece.

My interest in jewellery making first began in my Grandfathers workshop where I was surrounded by coloured perspex and all I could think about was turning it into jewellery.


I studied 3D design at Manchester University specialising in jewellery after a short time working at the bench for a number of retailers. I then gained further experience at the bench in New York, during this time my interest in Coloured gems and diamonds began and I then went on to get a professional qualification in diamond grading DGA and first stage FGA.


Before I set up on my own I worked for a number of Bond Street Jewellers, such as David Morris and Stephen Webster where I gained a wealth of knowledge in the trade.


I love the whole design process and am passionate about creating jewellery, I'm inspired by nature and my surroundings and without this I can't create something evocative for the customer which will be an item treasured by the wearer forever.

Fenella Baskerville

BA Hons, DGA

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"Fenella, is a very special lady, having lost my engagement ring, Fenella designed and made the most wonderful new ring that combined both my engagement and original wedding ring into an amazing unique creation that embodied the essence of these pieces. Fenella listened to my very exacting needs and translated these into a very personal piece of jewellery, her skills, kindness and understanding personality made this process a very easy one, from initial discussions, design concepts through to delivery. I would personally recommend Fenella to all my family and friends and intend to work with Fenella very soon, to have beautiful unique designed pieces of jewellery is a true blessing and will be forever grateful."

"A couple of years ago Fenella made a beautiful ring for my wife, the ring was a combination of some diamonds I had bought many years ago, with Fenella's amazing contemporary design skills. The result was a simply stunning ring combining memories of the past with a beautiful outlook to the future. Without saying too much, during a trip abroad a very unfortunate set of circumstances led to my wife's rings being lost, engagement, wedding band, eternity, and the beautiful dress ring that Fenella had so skillfully made. Once my wife and I had come to terms with the loss, I approached Fenella and discussed the possibility of having a number of rings made, not to directly replace what was so unfortunately lost, but instead to be rings celebrating the memories of before, whilst marking all the wonderful memories yet to come. Fenella's kindness in listening, and then guiding me through the art of the possible was truly wonderful, the result a beautiful unique new set of wedding band and engagement ring, and the ring that first introduced us to Fenella's skill and talent. Simply put, from my wife and I, thank you Fenella."