Platinum and yellow gold Emerald cut Emerald and diamond ring

'When my mother died, I inherited a couple of her rings which she had loved very much. Unfortunately, they style of the rings were just not to my taste, though I loved knowing that I had them as a reminder of her. Over the years, I had often wondered about commissioning a new piece of jewellery that used the precious stones and metals from these rings and one day decided to take the plunge. I was delighted to find that there was an accomplished designer who lived so close and from the very start 'Fenella' completely 'got' what I was after. Friendly and extremely professional, Fenella also gave me great confidence that my mother's jewellery was being looked after whilst in her possession -she took such great care to keep very detailed records of what she had and the pieces of jewellery and stones that were not used and handed back to me in labelled plastic pouches. It was a very emotional moment when I opened the beautiful presentation box that contained my new ring which I fell in love with straight away. I had thought I would wear it everyday but quickly realised that it was so special that I wanted to look forward to wearing it. So a couple of times a week and on special occasions, I give myself a quick manicure and really enjoy the beauty of the ring and a feeling of being close to my mother - I know that she would have loved it to. My sister is a huge fan and I think that Fenella might have a new customer very soon!

Olga Mitchell

Personal Consultation & Design Service


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