Bespoke Jewellery Design by Baskerville

Stage 1 - Sketches

As each piece I create is unique, during the initial consultation, we will discuss your ideas and inspiration, materials, stones and budget. 

From these important conversations I will build up sketches of your jewellery, which will help you visualise the look and style of the piece. If you are looking to create a number of pieces, then we can discuss how to bring elements of the design together to create your bespoke collection.

Once complete we can then move to...

Stage 2 - 3D Design

From the sketches I will then move to the 3D CAD software, using the very latest technology to create intricate scale models of your jewellery designs.

This part of the process will give you a unique view of your jewellery and allow us to make changes to part of the design or details and materials.

Once you approve the design we can move on...

Stage 3 - Wax Model & Casting

With the 3D Design complete, a wax model of your jewellery will be made. This physical version will hold the centre stone to enable you gauge the proportions of the ring and settings.

Any final changes can be made at this stage, before moving on to the metal casting, stone setting and polishing.

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